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Hi friend, welcome to!

I’m super curious about AI, and all the implications of building something our brains can’t fully understand.

In the next few decades, AI is going to be either one of the most important equalizers or one of most profound divisive forces the human race has ever seen. If we reach Artificial General Intelligence, we are going to build our own descendants, that power has never rested with any species in the past. And the implications of holding that power are massive.

My goal with this blog is to get more people excited about AI — thinking about it, playing with it, and finding ways to use it in their own everyday lives and work! The more people we can make AI literate, the more widely we can spread the power that AI unlocks! And the better off humanity will be!

I’m excited that you’re joining me on this adventure!

I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions for problems/datasets you’d like me to explore! You can message me on Twitter.

Got questions, suggestions or want to contribute? Send me a message!



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